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Skin Care ETC specializes in professional skin care including FacialsPedicures and Hair Removal for body and face. The services are provided with calming music in a comfortable, private environment to help relax the clients through all procedures. Skin Care’s services are for men and women of all ages.

Skin Care ETC provides a variety of facials created to care for each individuals skin care needs. These facials are targeted to give you:
           >  more youthful skin,
           >  acne reduction, 
           >  wrinkle reduction, 
           >  skin repair from environmental damage and stress.
 Facials are for women, teenagers and men! 
Be good to yourself and take better care of your skin!

The pedicure is NOT your average pedicure! This pedicure is like a facial, but for feet! Similar to a facial, by sloughing off dead, damaged skin, the intense moisturizer sinks deeply into the skin which keeps the feet soft  longer. This is truly an amazing pedicure! 
After a winter of dryness and neglect, this pedicure is great for spring and the upcoming sandal season!

The professionals at Skin Care ETC are well trained in hair removal for the body and face, for both men and women. This service can be to rid unwanted hair, or for re-sculpting eyebrows. Leg waxing should happen all winter as it helps thin out and soften leg hair. 
Need a bikini wax? Ever had a Brazilian bikini wax, hmmm?? After all, summer’s just around the corner!

Skin Care ETC provides professional skin care services such as facials, pedicures and hair removal specifically tailored to each client in a calm, private, stress-free environment. These services are intended to increase the health of the skin and provide the client with satisfied results at a competitive price. To support the skin care services, Skin Care ETC provides a variety of skin care products for longer term benefits.
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