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Skin Care ETC has created a relaxing procedure for a new style pedicure. This pedicure involves hot towels instead of buckets of hot water. It's conducted with you laying down in a more comfortable position instead of an old hard chair, and your choice of music to help you enjoy your experience!  You'll need to set aside at least of an hour of your time for this new pedi experience!
The use of warm towels helps soften the dry skin on your feet. Keeping the feet dry and warm, instead of wet, allows a deeper removal of the dead, dry skin.  Depending on the condition of your feet, various treatments are given to restore your feet to that baby-like condition!
This includes various scrubs, masks and intense lotions for deep hydration, thus keeping
your feet smoother and softer for weeks, rather than days.

The nails are then painted with your preference of color and a shiny coat to seal the polish and make a professional finish. 
Voila! Beautiful feet just in time for spring! Start sandal season off right, with this audacious pedi!
Treat your feet to a
Skin Care PEDI!

Face it, everyone has unwanted hair somewhere, men, women, everyone. Skin Care ETC has a variety of hair removal services for full body, or simply your back, arms, legs, bikini area or face. Need your eyebrows sculptured? It's amazing what shaped eyebrows can do to brighten your face!

European Spa Facial - $55
  Package of 6 -------- $258
Oxygenating Facial --- $65
  Package of 6 -------- $350
  /Lifting Facial --------  $70
Glycolic Facial --------- $55
  Package of 6 -------- $230
Teen Acne Facial
  (under 21) -------------- $43
Adult Acne Facial ----- $55
  Facial -------------------- $90
    6 Treatments ------ $480
LED Revitalight --------- $50
High Redefinition
  Facial -------------------- $85

PEDICURE  ------  $50

  (for Face & Body)
Bikini --------------------- $30 & up
Brazilian ----------------  $40 & up
Eyebrows --------------- $15
Lip ------------------------- $8
Chin ----------------------  $8
Cheeks ------------------  $16
Forehead ---------------- $8
Neck ---------------------- $8
Underarms--------------  $20
Back ---------------------- $40 & up
½ Leg or Arm ---------- $30
Full Leg or Arm  ------ $60
Chest Wax ------------- $45
Oh, how a simple change to the brows can totally redefine your entire look!
Skin Care ETC uses wax application techniques that are comfortable and help remove all leg hair. It's awesome not to have to shave for weeks!
Skin Care ETC provides hair removal services for back, chests, arms, legs....and full body! It's time to start getting ready for summer! Make an appointment today!