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​Skin Care ETC facials are specifically designed for your individual needs. Which one would you like?

European Spa Facial - $55
  Package of 6 -------- $258
Oxygenating Facial --- $65
  Package of 6 -------- $350
  /Lifting Facial --------  $70
Glycolic Facial --------- $55
  Package of 6 -------- $230
Teen Acne Facial
  (under 21) -------------- $43
Adult Acne Facial ----- $55
  Facial -------------------- $90
    6 Treatments ------ $480
LED Revitalight --------- $50
High Redefinition
  Facial -------------------- $85

PEDICURE  ------  $50

  (for Face & Body)
Bikini --------------------- $30 & up
Brazilian ----------------  $40 & up
Eyebrows --------------- $15
Lip ------------------------- $8
Chin ----------------------  $8
Cheeks ------------------  $16
Forehead ---------------- $8
Neck ---------------------- $8
Underarms--------------  $20
Back ---------------------- $40 & up
½ Leg or Arm ---------- $30
Full Leg or Arm  ------ $60
Chest Wax ------------- $45
European Spa Facial ($55)
Each facial is customized for your specific skin type and needs. It effectively cleanses the skin of impurities after a deep exfoliating mask, which enhances the skin’s receptivity to the additives selected for your skin. We then perform a relaxing massage on the face and decollete while you enjoy a peaceful steaming. Extraction is performed as needed, followed by the application of a custom blended mask.
​Oxygenating Facial ($65)
This facial effectively compensates for damage to the epidermis from sun, smoking, pollution and other physiological and environmental factors. This treatment helps restore a glowing look to your skin and is very effective in rejuvenating the skin and eliminating blemish causing bacteria.
Anti-Wrinkle/ Lifting Facial ($70)
This dramatic treatment concentrates on minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while firming and tightening slackening skin. This treatment is for anyone that has visible loss of elasticity, tone and suppleness. Rich in vitamins A, B,C, E, mineral and marine collagen, Hormetas Anti-Wrinkle and Lifting mask, with its instant results, is sure to please.
Glycolic Facial ($55)
This professional treatment works to loosen dead skin cells, and bring new cells to the surface of the skin. This procedure promotes the drying of active acne, dislodges blackheads and decreases hyper pigmentation Following this treatment your skin will feel silky and will glow with radiance.
Teen Acne Facial ($43)
If you suffer from acne, rarely is using acne medicine  enough!  Don't suffer long term scarring when something can be done now!!  This is a GREAT facial to clear acne or clogged pores. An enzyme peel and steam softens impurities followed by manual extractions. A cooling cleaning mask or sulfur purging mask aid in accelerating the healing process of impure skin. Finishing touch includes an oil free jell moisturizer.
​​Adult Acne Facial ($55)
Acne doesn't just affect teenagers! This is a deep cleansing treatment for adult 
problem skin. A cleansing massage with steam accompanies a medicated exfoliation. Extractions of impurities including mila, whiteheads and cystic areas are included with a customized medicated mask. A second massage is included, plus the use of oxygen to help heal blemishes and reduce inflammation.
​​Microdermabrasion Facial ($90)
This technique is a progressive method of gently resurfacing the skin. This process restores and rejuvenates the youthful appearance of skin suffering from sun damage, age spots and acne scarring, leaving skin with a smoother surface texture and promotes new growth. The procedure deeply cleanses the skin and helps with: congested pores, the removal of dead skin cells, and gives the skin a wonderful fresh glow. 
​​LED Revitalight ($50)
Revitalight is the latest breakthrough in reversing skin damage caused by aging. Treatments help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation by promoting vital collagen firmness. Revitalight is also a very effective treatment in eliminating congestion inhibiting the spread of acne.
​​High Redefinition Facial ($85)
The first comprehensive anti-aging professional care to compensate for deficiencies related to hormonal changes, age and outside forces. This intensely nourishing skin experience delivers instant moisture, while redefining texture, tone and regaining fullness and volume. The face contour is redefined to promote a more smooth, youthful appearance.
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